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April 11, 2005 by Ravenblack
It died sometime last week. Just wouldn't start up. I tried everything, reformat, reinstall, reinstall again. It worked, then it froze and it frozed for good. It's a goner. I'm using a temp comp that I have at home but this one's a bit slow and I don't like to use this one for surfing since it doesn't belong to me. So you guys probably won't 'see' me around until I get my new computer fixed up.

I'll be surfing here at work (ie when I can), but I won't be logging in and responding.

So tak...
August 4, 2004 by Ravenblack
I saw a young man dash across the road to catch a bus, in the process, he was nearly rolled over by a large construction CAT truck. Later that day, I saw a well dressed woman walk across the zebra crossing without so much as a care about whether the car that was coming towards her was going to stop or not. In another instance, a bunch of shoppers step out onto the street immediately when the light go red for the cars and green man comes on.

Most times, cars will come obediently to a stop. Th...