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"Get a life!" (mini rant)
Published on May 15, 2005 By Ravenblack In Life Journals
Isn't it funny how online characters who tell others to "get a life" often seem to behave as if they don't have a life other than the one online? It's also funny when these same online characters would go on to post things like "I do this and that because I have a life outside of here." as if suspecting that somehow, people would think that they don't have a life. They have suddenly realised that what they are doing is the same thing as the one they have accused of "not having a life", be it posting an article or a rant or an opinion.

I got clues for people like that:
1) it's no use telling others to "get a life", because it's likely that they have one, even if life is defined as a post that annoys you. In which case, the better retort to use is: grow up!
2) if you really have a life, you wouldn't need to tell or prove to online people that you have "a life" outside of the online community. Nobody cares. And people who nose around about whether you have "a life" or not, are not worth bothering with if you really have "a life" outside of this screen.

Have a fine week ahead online and off, readers!

on May 15, 2005
Life: do they sell those at Wal Mart? I need to get one.
on May 15, 2005
on May 16, 2005

on May 16, 2005

-A(grees with you).
on May 16, 2005

"get a life" - if only! I'm with MasonM; where can I buy one of those?

Funny how we say things to each other so flippantly online; it's so easy to believe that there isn't a "real" person on the other end of the computer. "Get a life" is a very uninformed thing to say. Good point Raven!

on May 17, 2005
on May 17, 2005
I have a lot, any takers?!
on May 23, 2005
Raven, I like this and I don't see it as ranting, as see it as telling the truth. Well done

Serenity, do you want to swap. Mine has relish, though...


on May 23, 2005
on May 25, 2005
Life: do they sell those at Wal Mart? I need to get one

Got mine as a KMart Blue LIght Secial! Was 50% off AND as advertised on TV! I was so excited.

And then...

Someone stole it in the parking lot...
on May 26, 2005
lol! I can imagine how much that must have cost...