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Published on March 5, 2005 By Ravenblack In Playstation
I am going to have to find an online photo album to store all these pics. I don't want to fill my blog with just car pics from Gran Turismo 4, and it would be convenient for friends to be able to go to one link and view all the pics.

I've completed the Sunday Cup races. Here are a couple of highlights from the events.

Going head to head.

A different track...

This is what I got for completing the Sunday Cup - Autobianchi A112 Alarth '79.

With the credits I won, I bought a Nissan 240SX '96, with a bit of money left over, I upgraded some of the parts.

on Mar 05, 2005
Created a photo album at yahoo. Link
on Mar 05, 2005
I've said it before, but those are some impressive pictures for a game. Sounds like your enjoying yourself
on Mar 05, 2005
I really am. Hours just disappear when I play this game.