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More photos from the game.
Published on March 3, 2005 By Ravenblack In Playstation
More photos from Gran Turismo 4, using the in-game 'photo travel' function.

I just got my A licence. Bronzed it, so I was rewarded with the Pontiac Sunfire. (But I am determine to get silver times for these test someday, and then maybe reach for gold - one step at a time.) So, I took my new ride to a few locales for a photo shoot.

The quality of the in-game shots are so good that I wondered if I should have posted this in the photo section. This almost is like using a real camera, because you can adjust aperture and zoom, tilt, etc. After I stored the photos on my thumb drive, I got to my computer and enhanced the shots with Paintshop, making them a bit brighter as they looked dark on my computer.

Take a look.

Background scenery: Togakushi Kogen, Japan

Background scenery: Brooklyn Bridge

I think I'll even use the second one for my desktop wallpaper. More good stuff to come.

on Mar 03, 2005
Those shots are really impressive. Keep them coming!
on Mar 03, 2005
Lovely Raven, I really like the second shot.
on Mar 03, 2005
I love this function so much I think it should be included in any racing game or sim. I spend half the playing time messing with it. I think the cars look better in replay than photo travel. I haven't figured out how they saved the replays as a full video that can be played in Windows Media.
on Mar 03, 2005
Those are sweet, sweet pictures Raven. Glad you are enjoying it!