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Published on February 28, 2005 By Ravenblack In Playstation
These pics are taken from the licence test replays. The replay is paused, and then you can select up to 64 camera angles, zoom in/out, focus, etc and save the pic to a USB storage device.

Nissan Skyline GT-R spec II '94 at the fantasy course "Trial Mountain" (Licence test A-13)

Lancia DELTA HF Integrate Evoluzion at "The Grand Canyon" (Licence test A-11)

The crowds in this game are a lively lot. They would actually step back when they see you coming.

Honda Integra Type-R at "Suzuka Circuit" (Licence Test A-10)

The Honda in white following the pace car (red and white car with lights). The pace car shows you the best line of the track and you are suppose to follow it.

on Feb 28, 2005
wow, that game is going to waste a big chunk of my time when I get back to the states....
on Feb 28, 2005
HOLY CARP! Are you sure those aren't pics of real cars? WOW! Those are incredible shots. Thanks for sharing. You may have just rekindled my desire to play my PS2.
on Feb 28, 2005
Have fun driving And can you hit those people? They look awfully close to you and if you could it would be messy... You should try passing the pace car, show it who the better driver is
on Mar 01, 2005
The game will certainly suck up all your free time. There seems to be an awe-ful lot of tracks and courses to check out. There are also mission-type races where you need to fulfil special conditions to win and endurance tests. There are 24-hour endurance tests - so...if you happen to want to find out how much abuse your PS2 can stand.... You can drive in the endurance test yourself (and maybe with a few friends taking turns), or use B-spec mode and just get the AI to drive it for you while you play manager.

>>And can you hit those people?

No. I tried to do that in the prologue. They will just step back and you will hit an invisible barrier.

>> You should try passing the pace car, show it who the better driver is

That's the annoying part. You are not allowed pass the pace car, as it is suppose to be showing you the line. I actually rear-ended into that stupid car more than a few times, thus failing the test. No doubt better drivers have been tempted to pass it - if only there is an option to turn off the pace car.
on Mar 02, 2005
It will be a while before I get this game, but it sure is nice.

anybody heard of the XBOX compitetion to this?
on Mar 02, 2005
You mean Forza? I don't have an X-box, so I just hear bits and bytes about it. Thought it looked good. X-box fanboys are getting behind it calling it the GT-killer - remains to be seen. At least now, fans of both consoles would have a nice racing game to play this year, if Forza lives up to expectations. Enthusia is another racing game on the horizons.