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Restarting sucks but I guess I'm gonna have to with this game.

It's a real mental ache because I have put over 35 hours into this game. (It's a 80-100 hours kind of a game.)

I made one stupid mistake of not playing around more with inventing better equipment for my characters. Now I'm stuck because I can't get past this boss character, Robin Wind. I am seriously lacking in good equipment.

I guess I could backtrack but that in itself is a pain in the neck. In addition to have to fight my way out, there isn't exactly a lot of savepoints in this game. Sadist is the game designer who made it this way.

What's wrong with these people? Do they think I have time to actually sit and play through a level for 1-2 hours straight, perhaps risk dying just as I'm about to get to a savepoint and have to start over again?!

Back to my game -
Guess that I should've taken the difficulty I felt as a sign that I was lacking and go back to town, but instead I pressed on. I thought I could do it. Thought I take a risk.

So, it's hugely my own fault. (Not even the excellent faqs on gamefaqs.com can help me at this point.) I should have made a save in the last town, then I could've at least reloaded that. But foolishly and over-confidently, I overwrote that save.... grand, just grand.

Note to self: Make a save after each major event and don't overwrite that save until you get to the next point! (There are three save slots in the game.)

Well, at least, the game has been hugely enjoyable.

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on Feb 11, 2005
Multiple save games are your friend
on Feb 11, 2005
I had multiple saves, unfortunately I had newbishly overwritten them...